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Research theme

  • Quantitative analysis of switching costs in Japan's life insurance industry
  • Why has the shortage of  the physicians occurred?
  • Strategic human resource management of academic librarians
  • Determinant factors on business Incubator performance with special reference to the support mechanism and governance in support organizations
  • Business succession in Mainland China and Taiwan 
  • Why did the efficiency of R&D of the Japanese electrical industry fall? -The analysis of the corporate management using system dynamics-
  • On the outlook of thebioindustry in Asia
  • Training system of Japanese small firm
  • SME metalworking business growth model
  • A study of the hospitality in the Aisthesis-Innovation



After 35 years in the corporate business world, I aimed to gain a new perspective.
My goal for study in this program was to consider the question of business from an academic perspective. By doing so I could acquire a logical base to act as a cornerstone for future use to promote continuous growth, and apply this to both my business and to society at large.
Within one year of beginning the program and attending classes, I was able to see from the perspective of a researcher. My time as a student passed quickly, and in comparison to the 35 years I spent in the corporate world it was very short. However, it enabled me to see business and society with a fresh perspective from that time on.

I want to apply the results of my research with TIM to society through business.
In the TIM program, I researched information related to the legal disclosure of financial securities. As financial securities are comprised of both fundraising and investment components, it is a highly diversified area. Therefore the structure of the system is complex and asymmetrical in nature.
Thus, I clarified the necessary requirements for information disclosure regarding issues such as pricing of securities in the securities trading market.
From now on, I hope to utilize my research results to improve the transparency of securities in terms of financial planning and tax accounts in corporate business. I hope this will improve support for investor protection and provide guidelines for management strategy of businesses.
Finally, I wish to express my gratitude for having been given the chance to participate in this academic research environment with the wonderful professors that TIM has at its disposal.
The environment TIM provides allows one to give their all at both work and in their study.
I am currently involved in the development of an ECU (electronically controlled unit) hybrid vehicle. The situation of the organization is complicated as it must balance the pace required for development with that required to transition into a larger-scale operation.
My research focused on how the theoretical studies of how innovation can be matched with organizational development, how staff motivation can raise the level of technology management and effective development methodologies can be used in a practical capacity.
As it was necessary for me to continue working during my studies, the structure of TIM, such as concentrated lectures on weekends, was an excellent fit.